From Field To Show-Mane-ly Long Hair Canada

From Field To Show,

Canadian Distributor of  Mane-ly Long Hair products.

From Field To Show is about Longer, Silkier, Smoother Hair with Mane-ly Long Hair;  for horses, dogs and people too.

Mane-ly Long Hair is about prevention:

Prevent the problems of tangles, dreadlocks and stains BEFORE they happen. Hydrated hair is healthy hair. 

IT WORKS!  Lasts longer than any other product on the market today!

Remove burrs, tangles, dreadlocks and matts in minutes, not hours. Keeps hair tangle and dreadlock free.

Use as Regular Maintenance for great results; adds shine, improves texture and growth. Repels dust & dirt.

All concentrated formulas. Ounce per ounce it saves you time and money.

Long Lasting Formula, no residue, no buildup, no stickiness. Clean, Dirty, Wet or Dry Hair! No washing needed! Lasts 5+ X’S longer!

Makes grooming Fast & Easy. More time Riding, Less time Grooming!

Mane-ly Long Hair in Canada

Mane-ly Long Hair in the USA

I have been grooming dogs for about 25 years now and have used many many different grooming products. Not too long ago I learned about Mane-Ly long hair products and I am constantly blown away by the results I am experiencing. I need a 1/4 of the amount of shampoo I use to use, it rinses out easily and the conditioner and polish are simple to apply and even help dry the dogs faster. The dogs go home clean and happy from less grooming time, owners are loving how their dogs coats and my joints are happier as dematting is a breeze! I have now greatly reduced my shampoo stock to only MLH and a hypo allergy shampoo for my allergy dogs. I very highly and frequently suggest MLH to anyone thinking of trying it and Louise is amazing to communicate with. Even when she is away at events my orders are processed and arrive in a very short time frame! Thank you MLH and Louise for bringing it to Canada
Jolene A Argent
Professional Dog Groomer
Holy! This stuff is legit. These guys had variance of dreads. Starfield had the worst mane and Gurl had the worst tail. I have tried so many products and none have been as easy to get the knots out as From Field to Show Mane-ly Long. My horses normally get agitated at me for pulling on their manes and tails. Today I was able to brush out all three of them and they actually enjoyed it. I also took some and rubbed it on their bodies and they are sooooo shiny.
From Field To Show
Bianca Rosina Massarella